Our Top 10 Tips for Organic Social Media Growth

Although numbers prove that ever-changing algorithms have made it harder to expand your reach on social media, it is still possible to grow organically. Maximize your reach with our top 10 tips on how to build your following organically and reach the people who truly care.


1.    Ask your Audience

Ask your followers what kind of content they want to see. Send out email surveys, post polls or question bubbles on stories, or go Live and ask questions to those who tune in. Ask people why they follow you and what they are interested in seeing, so you start creating content for the people who are already showing up.


2.    Publish Evergreen Content

Post content that is a consistent problem for people in your niche and not something that is going to be old news or outdated in just a couple weeks.


3.    Hashtags

Posting the right hashtags could get your content in front of the right people and send your posts straight to the explore page for ultimate exposure. We go into detail in our post, “Let’s Talk Hashtags.”


4.    Post Intentionally

Yes, you need to post consistently, but It’s better to only post a few times a week with intentional high-quality content that gives value rather than posting sub-par content multiple times a day.


5.    Post Videos

Videos have the highest average organic reach even above status updates, links, and photos. Try experimenting with video content and see where it takes you.


6.    Promote your Social Channels

If you have a blog, website, Google Business page, etc. make sure you are promoting your social media channels with links! Cross promote your social channels on different platforms. For example; post about your Instagram on your Facebook or Snapchat page.


7.    Branch out onto Different Platforms

Expanding to other social media platforms will increase your reach. Only do so when you have mastered the platform you are on. It’s more beneficial to pour yourself into one platform than spread yourself thin over multiple.


8.    Use Emojis

The best quality about emojis is that they are universal and will boost your discoverability. You don’t have to speak the same language to know what the cry face emoji means because emojis speak for themselves.


9.    Have a Theme

You don’t have to go crazy with making every post uniform but make sure you’re editing in the same style, using the same fonts, and being consistent with the type of voice in your posts.


10.  Don’t Post and Ghost

Your followers want to hear from you, so don’t post and log off the app. Stay to engage with people and join in on the conversation. If people see you are responding, more people are likely to comment, and your content will get pushed out to more people.

Social media is one of the most effective ways you can grow your brand today. Take advantage of these free platforms and change up your game to see what works for you on each.


What are some ways you maximize your reach on social media?

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